The future of air conditioning in Perth has arrived.

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Air conditioning design Perth


Air conditioning installation Perth


Air conditioning service Perth

A fit for purpose Air Conditioner that is professionally designed and installed by Melric will keep your electricity bill down maintaining its chill at the peak of the Perth scorching summer, yet flexible enough to keep your home comfy and warm during our Perth chilly winter.

We Offer

Air Conditioning Design Perth

Don’t waste hours and hours researching the right air conditioner for your house. At Melric Air Conditioning we have all the purpose built tools and specifications to match your space to the perfect Aircon. Melric Aircon researches the right air conditioner efficiency to create a perfect ambient temperature for your home.

Upload your house plans to Melric. We have the largest range of sleek yet efficient air conditioning systems at amazing prices, perfect Air Conditioning is waiting for you.

Air Conditioning Installation Perth

At Melric, we don’t believe in leaving our customers halfway through their Air Conditioning journey. Melric is a full-service Perth Air-Conditioning design and installation service. With over 20 years of Air Conditioning design and installation experience, we are Perth’s best Air Conditioning installers.

Our experts are trained in installing air conditioners with the fastest turnaround and least impact to your home. Your air conditioning system will be ready for use in no time.

Air Conditioning Service & Repair Perth

Melric Air conditioning will get you accustomed to comfortable temperatures all year round with our air conditioning systems. Although when Air Conditioning goes wrong it’s hard to go back to the usual heat and chill of our West Australian weather.

Our team at Melric has the best-in-class AC service and repair technician’s adept in every kind of Aircon problem, big or small.

Call or send a message and share your problems with us. We will get back to you with the best possible solution while being cost effective. Here at Melric we think out of the box to bring you solutions.

Air Conditioning Brands Perth

Melric Air Conditioning Perth is brand agnostic, this means we only supply the right aircon for the right job. Our favourite aircon brands for our Perth climate, depending on the situation, the air conditioning manufacturer, warranty, service and support are:

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners


Samsung Air Conditioners


Panasonic Air Conditioners


Daikin Air Conditioners


Advantage Air

Why You Choose Us

Why Choose Melric Air Conditioning Services

Melric is one of the fastest growing and most trustworthy air conditioning company Perth. We constantly strive to improve all our customers air conditioning experience. With Melric you can expect top-notch air conditioning systems with flawless service.

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We Value Our Customers

Melric Air Conditioning design, installation and service is customer centric in and out. Everything we do and every step we take is done keeping our customers best interests at heart.

Each product Melric Air conditioning uses is selected by years of experience of what air conditioner works in our unique Perth climate. We don’t install air conditioners on special or because the dealer gave us a good price this month. We select and test air conditioners using strict quality analysis guided by product evaluation protocols as per our industry standards.

Give Melric a call or drop us a line, our friendly air conditioning sales and service team are happy to chat all day about all things air conditioning.

We Pledge

Relentless Air Conditioning support, assistance, and a promise to deliver all your air conditioning needs. Air Conditioning should make your life a little more comfortable.

Our Services Include

Air Conditioning Automation Perth

With air conditioning automation Perth, you can take efficiency to the next level. Names like Advantage Air MyAir and iZone are examples of Air Conditioning Management systems. These systems allow you to adjust the airflow in 5% increments to every zone in the home. These Air Conditioning management systems pay for themselves by making your air conditioner run more efficiently. There is greater control and less over conditioning of rooms, allowing your system to cycle off more often reducing running costs. Run via an app on any device anywhere in the world its simple and easy to use.

Residential Air Conditioning Perth

Whether it’s a small split system air conditioner or a fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, Melric offers a diverse range of ACs with efficiency and functionality for all your residential air conditioning uses. Melric Air conditioning truly has everything to meet your expectations.

Commercial Air Conditioning Perth

Have a large office space that you just can’t get the temperature right or the air conditioning system has failed? Melric Air Conditioning has your back! Reach out to our team of expert HVAC consultants and find the perfect air conditioning solution for your commercial space for single phase to 3 phase air conditioners.

Contact us with your queries.  You can upload photos via our online form.

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